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Bui Thi Kim Ngan

bui thi kim ngan 2

Pictures Introduction of Director
Representatives Corporation Vietnam Que Huong Specialties
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To love the motherland, the country and the great pride of Vietnamese cuisine, she stood out calling your friends, relatives and contributing capital to establish JSC Vietnam Que Huong Specialties wishing specialty want to promote regions Vietnam to many more consumers, increased ethnic pride, pride of the rich food culture, characteristic of Vietnam in the heart of every Vietnamese people. JSC Vietnam Que Huong Specialties specializes in manufacturing and supplying a lot of regional specialties from all over Vietnam. All the company’s products are highly valued customer by absolutely outstanding quality, produced with very scientific process, ensure food safety and the credibility of the company on trade schools increasingly enhanced.
With its commitment to providing the best quality products, most reasonable price, 100% refund if customers are not satisfied about the product or service. Since the establishment and put into operation so far, JSC Vietnam Que Huong Specialties has served thousands of customers all over the country. With the volume of large orders and continues to increase exponentially, the company has promoted a lot of regional specialties to consumers across the country
With the motto “all for the benefit of consumers” and the ingenious leader of Bui Thi Kim Ngan directors, who bring in a very bold Mekong Delta, the company has achieved a lot of success in the recent years. Brand Shares Vietnam Que Huong Specialties certified products Sanitary Food Safety and High Quality. The company always determined that the biggest success is getting the love, trust of customers all over the country.
Our mission is to make everyone in all parts of the country of Vietnam has the opportunity to enjoy the delicious specialties Vietnam’s coast region and towards the export of local products to the market of Vietnam world, must honor the culinary field as well as Vietnam’s agricultural sector before international friends in the region and around the world
All specialties are valuable and famous Vietnam
The mission of the Joint Specialty Vietnam Que Huong is to bring the famous specialties regions to all parts of the country and introduces bold Specialty Essence Vietnamese cuisine to the world!

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