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About Foods

U Minh Ha Forest’s Dry Snakeskin gourami in Ca Mau

Colorful fish dry U Minh Ha Forest in Ca Mau

Ca Mau is well know as the blessed  land with many delicacies. Specially, the specialties in this  place is different with other places. One of the most famous food in this place is dry Snakeskin gourami. Western region people (Mekong Delta) certaintly ever eaten the dry Snakeskin gourami . The Vietnamese abroad often want to buy this delicious specialties for friends. ... Read More »

Root canal dried shrimps Ca Mau Superior

Root canal dried shrimps Ca Mau Superior

Gifts from Dat Mui Ca Mau, the southernmost region of Vietnam, malaleuca forests in U Minh vast west – northwest, famous for lots of products such as honey, fish, copper, Uncle Ba Phi jokes … Nam Can mangrove forests in the south is surrounded by hundreds of kilometers of coastline is “shrimp mine” of the country, Ca Mau has been inning ... Read More »

Phu Quoc pepper flavor

Phu Quoc pepper flavor

Phu Quoc pepper flavor and spicy taste and especially the aroma is much more tasty than any type of pepper come from other regions Phu Quoc pepper  use as a spice, they can treat a number of diseases. Pepper rich in antioxidants, which helps strengthen the immune system and prevent the destruction of the cells causing cancer and cardiovascular disease. ... Read More »

Tay Nguyen’s dry Oxytennanthera shoots

Highlands dry Mang Le

In the rainy season coming to Tay Nguyen mountains, we easily to see the tow ethnic bamboo baskets are picked from the forest brought to fairs to sell. Oxytennanthera shoots: this is the delicious specialties of Tay Nguyen. Oxytennanthera shoots is taken from under their trees without thorns of bamboo, supple body grows common in basalt Highlands region, it has ... Read More »

Cashews Nutrition Rich

Cashews Nutrition Rich

Featuring give your body plenty of vital nutrients needed, cashew nuts are ideal vegetarian food and is a valuable drug for some patients. Food is high in fat, 0% cholesterol diet appropriate. Currently, developed countries are encouraged to use the growing cashew nuts. 1. Origin and General Features Also known as cashew cashew trees, native from Brazil, South American tropics ... Read More »

Red Lingzhi Tien Ong

Baner quang cao Nam English

Speaking of Ganoderma makes you think of the famous Korean nation in the world. A very popular country in the world for the precious drugs are good for human health, such as Red Ginseng, Reishi Mushroom. Well, red Ganoderma Mushroom is a kind of extremely precious and there are very great uses for your health. Red Lingzhi Tien Ong Well ... Read More »