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Dainty Dry Shrimp

Your tongue will be numb because of tasty food

Dear Reader, I believe that you have found the right website that you will own and enjoy “DAINTY DRY SHRIMP” specialties in Rach Goc, Ca Mau. This is the most famous and original product among lots of dried shrimps that have sold in many places with many different prices.

dat mui Tôm khô mỹ vị


Have you ever enjoyed the sweet tasty of Dainty Dry Shrimp in Rach Goc, Ca Mau?


Your eyes will be mesmerized by this Dry Shrimp‘s natural light red.


Your nose will be attracted to the smell of natural dry shrimp as soon as in your hands.


You will want to eat this product immediately because of the delicious and attractive smell.

Tôm khô mỹ vị

Dainty Dry Shrimp

Let’s imagine to put dried shrimp into to the oral cavity, the sweetness of the shrimp will numb the tongue with a little fresh salty that makes you unforgettable.

The shrimp is soft, the more than you chew the sweeter taste you get. The sweet taste spread in your mouth, your throat and stimulate your stomach. The sweet taste will last until you stop chewing.

Do you think like me? Enjoying our dried Shrimp just one time will make you remember the delicious taste forever. There is not any kind of dried shrimp product that is special as our product.

Closing your eyes and imaging that every our dried shrimp is stimulating all senses in your mouth and your tongue.
There is so wonderful with a delicious food like our dried shrimp.

Tôm khô mỹ vị 6

Dainty Dry Shrimp

One by one, the more than you chew the tastier you get. You will not notice the dried shrimp was eaten by you.

Have you ever enjoyed the taste as “Dainty Dry Shrimp”? I have been conquered by Dainty Dry Shrimp at the first time enjoying.

How can to get these shrimp?

Tôm khô mỹ vị 1

Dainty Dry Shrimp

Have you ever found this product in the markets?

This product is not sold in markets?

If you buy dried shrimp in the markets, you will take many problems:

– You will have to process dried shrimp quite hard

– You will have bought heavy shrimp, salty because of too much salt.

– You will be angry because the shrimp is too dry and too hard.

– Dusty and unhygienic.

– Food dyes and toxic preservative.

Tôm khô mỹ vị 2

Dainty Dry Shrimp

You will be happy because your family will be enjoyed the most delicious dry shrimp. You will become a delicacy and gourmet person in your family.

You will be admired by your friends, your husband. Your mother- in-law will be interested in the delicious and soft Dainty Dry Shrimp. Specially, this is an ideal present for your relatives in and abroad.

Tôm khô mỹ vị 5

Dainty Dry Shrimp

You are wondering that why this Dainty Dry Shrimp has special delicious taste. It is due to land shrimp live in nature with a tropical climate characterized, has a long coastline, rivers and streams. Therefore, dried shrimp has special characteristic taste that cannot be confused with other regions.

Do you know! The natural environment is more and more difficult. Climate change makes Dainty Dry Shrimp more and more decrease. Therefore, this is an opportunity for you to buy and enjoy the taste of Dainty Dry Shrimp.

Tôm khô mỹ vị 7

Dainty Dry Shrimp

Don’t hesitate! Let’s enjoy this specialty, at least one time in life. Besides, this is a meaningful present in and abroad with suitable price.

Be quick to buy Dainty Dry Shrimp because the quantity is limited and shrimp is caught seasonally.

Hurry up to own Dainty Dry Shrimp!

Only: 240.000 VND


Dainty Dry Shrimp is delicious unforgettable.
Order by one click

buy now 1

Free delivery

HOTLINE: 08 3519 4127

Only 240.000 VND/pack 100g, this product provides many benefits:

check-1You will be used the premium Dainty Dry Shrimp of Rach Goc, Ca Mau.


You will use all or most of the pack 100g


You will preserve product longer because the product was vacuum


You will assure of safety products hygienic


You will have a special gift

Committed 100% refund if the product does not make you great satisfaction! Dainty Dry Shrimp is a delicacy for gourmet.

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