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Forms of payment & delivery

1 – Delivery and payment in cash at home:

Customers in areas  away from  Specialty Homeland of Viet Nam JSC under 3km  will be assigned  the machine to  customers’ address by the company’s staff  and receive payments when customers were satisfied and agreed to buy the product.
– The products with a price lower 500,000vnđ won’t be apply to delivery forms by company’s staff. Customers can order and receive goods at Specialty Homeland of Viet Nam JSC.
– The delivery request  must be accurate information about the recipient, address, telephone number. Some sensitive cases such as the value of large orders, delivery time in the evening, the delivery address in the alley, away from the central area .. Salesman will check and discuss with the customer to find out the most suitable delivery way.

2 – Payment of bank transfer –  express delivery  services:

– With the address is not within the scope of the above, customers can prepay 100% of the value of products through one of the accounts of Specialty Homeland of Viet Nam JSC in this list.
– Immediately after receiving the payment by bank transfer, your counselor will call  directly to customers and arrange a delivery time. Depending on the customer’s address, but the delivery time can be from 12 to 72 hours.
– In case of delivery delays without notice, customers may cancel orders and Specialty Homeland of Viet Nam JSC  will repay the full amount that a customer has to pay within 07 days.
– Products include value-added tax on the value of 20 million VND, according to the VAT Law, issued by the State to transfer payments. Customers can call for counseling staff to get specific information at 08 3519 4127

3 – Delivery and payment directly at Specialty Homeland of Viet Nam JSC:

– Customers can request to stay the product at Specialty Homeland of Viet Nam JSC .
– Products will be fully prepared after no more than 04 hours, and the product will be retained in the Company not exceeding 12 hours from the sales counselors confirmed customer orders.

4 – Shipping cost + premium products:

– Shipping cost: Free delivery completely if employees, partners or shipping company has signed a contract with Specialty Homeland of Viet Nam JSC .
– Premium product: For the shipping product through 3rd party company has signed a contract of carriage with Specialty Homeland of Viet Nam JSC, customers pay a premium product about 50,000 / 1 products. In the process of shipping if there is damage, loss, customers will be compensated 100% of the product at the time of sale.
– Free Full premium for products priced from 2,000,000 (two million) or more.

5 – Other cases:

– Customers may request to  deliver the product through 3rd party such as a garage, acquaintances, or transport units which  not  contract directly with Specialty Homeland of Viet Nam JSC . Costs and all risks during transportation will be respond by the customer. When staff of Specialty Homeland of Viet Nam JSC  hand over the products for 3rd party, customers and customer’s  transportation partners needs confirmation by phone, SMS or on  bill of Specialty Homeland of Viet Nam JSC .

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