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Pearl Island Pepper

Not only a spice but also a medicine

Dear Reader, I believe that you have found the right website that you will own and enjoy the top quality spicy in Viet Nam. Besides, this is the necessary medicine at home.

Every day, pepper is using to add into many dishes to make the food become more delicious and dispel fishy smell of meat, fish, frog,…

Pepper is very useful. Most of dishes are added a little pepper to change the tasty of dishes without boring.

vuon tieu dao ngoc 1

Pearl Island Pepper tree

You are a gourmet person so you will notice the pepper that you bought before:


Pepper had strange color because of dye food, preservative chemical


Adding lots of pepper into the food but there isn’t any flavor or spicy


The pepper is not spicy


Sometimes the pepper is spicy but it is not flavor

Those reasons above are explain that the planting process is not controlled, storage too long, or it is mixed with another kind that same as pepper

tieu dao ngoc 6

Pearl Island Pepper

Therefore, you won’t control the dishes’ taste as you want


The dish is insipid because of lack of pepper’s spicy taste


Your dishes don’t have pepper’s flavor


There is fishy smell of meat, fish, frog,…

If you want to use pepper as herbal medicine for your family, don’t worry anymore because of wonderful Pearl Island’s pepper

Pearl Island’s pepper is a type of food that could be medicinal treatment and take care of your beauty

tieu dao ngoc 7

Pearl Island Pepper

MUI TENPearl Island’s pepper is achieved global quality G.A.P.


You will be enjoyed the most famous specialty with spicy and fragrant that could not find in any region.


If you enjoy our Pearl Island’s pepper just one time, you will feel that Pearl Island’s pepper has flavor taste and spicy more than any pepper in other places


Pearl Island’s pepper has recognized one of eight in specialties present of Viet Nam by Asian Record Organization. Pearl Island’s pepper is high quality. It is the product for gourmet


Pearl Island’s pepper is delicious because soil land is different than elsewhere

tieu dao ngoc 2

Pearl Island Pepper

Some of the benefits for your health of Pearl Island’s pepper

Pearl Island pepper is rich of antioxidant, prevent cancer, Good for digestion, Support lose weight, Reduce the cough and nasal congestion, Helping the body absorb nutrients more efficiently, Natural Anti-depressant, Vitiligo treatment, Rich in vitamin C, Destruction of fat, Anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory, arthritis, solve problems on your teeth, gums

The best way to get high effect is using pepper still intact

Various sorts of pepper grains --- Image by © TH-Foto/zefa/Corbis

Pearl Island Pepper

Besides, Pearl Island’s pepper has three using of take care of beauty:

  1. Pearl Island’s pepper will help you to dandruff treatment, alopecia, scalp inflammation. The combination between Pearl Island’s pepper and lemon will become an effect medicine to treat scalp diseases, skin inflammation,…

  2. Pepper help clears acne effectively. All acne will quickly disappear in just 2 times per week using patiently.

  3. Pepper is useful to freckles treatment, reducing melasma. Pepper stimulates blood circulation process, support transporting oxygen and nutrients to the skin and epidermis on the face. This is the effect skin care method for you a white beauty and full of vitality skin.

tieu dao ngoc 3

Pearl Island Pepper

You will surprise about the using of Pearl Island’s pepper in and abroad:

Pearl Island’s pepper will help you to sweat so it is used to treat colds and typhoid, reduce the cold air outside and increase the heat inside the body, Pearl Island’s pepper also has an antiseptic effect, used in diarrhea treatment. they use pepper to make pain relief patch to treat asthma in China, treat cholera, malaria relapse prevention, recuperation after the fever as in India; or pain medication for postpartum women in Indonesia…

Because of the above benefits, the pepper should be added into your family’s daily food.

Previously you have to add lots of normal pepper into food, now you just add a little pepper thanks to Pearl Island’s pepper.

tieu dao ngoc 8

Pearl Island Pepper

Some information about production processes of Pearl Island’s pepper:


Pearl Island’s pepper is grown as global quality G.A.P.


Pearl Island’s pepper is grown on natural farm in Phu Quoc


Pearl Island’s pepper is the red ripe berry, highest quality


Pearl Island’s pepper is dried immediately after washing thoroughly by advanced production lines


Pearl Island’s pepper was vacuum packed immediately after drying so Pearl Island’s pepper maintains the highest natural quality standards

tieu dao ngoc 10

Pearl Island Pepper

Pearl Island Pepper will help you:

– Owning the quality pepper, clean, no chemical dyes bleach, without chemical preservatives, food safety

– Control your food’s taste you exactly

– You will be admired about your cooking ability by your family and friends

– You are a gourmet because you know Pearl Island’s pepper value

– Pearl Island’s pepper is a great present to your relatives

– Control diseases effectively for your family

Hurry up to own Pearl Island’s pepper in your kitchen

Only 100.000 VND


The special flavor of Pearl Island’s pepper

buy now 1

Free delivery
HOTLINE: 08 3519 4127

Only 100.000 VND/ 100g package, you will have:

check-1Enjoy true pepper spice to your dishes


Saving amount of pepper, saving money and time for you


Your dishes will be more delicious


Dispel fishy smell of meat, fish, frog,…


A valuable medicine for you and your family


Supporting take care of your beauty

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