Policy change and refunds paid

1. The Scope of Application

– Subjects of application: Apply to all products which sold in the retail stores of Specialty Homeland of Viet Nam JSC

– Period of application: 02/15/2016

2.Refunding Regulations:

Product Type condition when applicable Change Time Change – Premium return / exchange
warranty at JSC Vietnam Que Huong Specialty Products ERROR
(By manufacturer) + Free first 15 days: If you change the same products, or other types but have higher purchase price or product purchased.
+ 10% on the purchase price Minus: If you change the Others have lower purchase price or return the product
Is the first 15 days FREE FROM ERROR Minus 10% on the purchase price
The product is warranted in JSC Vietnam Que Huong Specialty authorized by the manufacturer Product ERROR
(By manufacturers) first 07 days Free
Products ERROR first 03 days 10% of the purchase price Less
From March 04-07 Minus 15% on the purchase price

Defective product because users no longer stamp products prescribed refuse warranty
=> Do not apply constant returns, customers bear the cost of repairs.
3. Conditions for refunding

The products must meet the constant returns the following conditions, which apply to all types of products:

Conditions are paid status change
There check goods
VAT invoice> If there

Promotional packaging and enclosed (if applicable) not dented distortion box, not damaged, broken, scratched …

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