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Policy grievance process

1. Subjects of complaints:

As organizations and individuals who have used these products and services by Specialty Homeland of Viet Nam JSC offers (in special cases, the customer can authorize the legal representative).

2. Form of complaint:

Customers who have complaints, reflected in products, services by  Specialty Homeland of Vietnam JSC can provide direct complaints at Specialty Homeland of Vietnam JSC or indirectly by calling the number 08 3519 4127, sending email, sending text or other forms …

3. The principle of resolving complaints:

Specialty Homeland of Viet Nam JSC has the right to refuse and not resolve the complaint which has no basis, evidence or not under the settlement unit.


Step 1. Receiving and replying to complaints

– All employees, units and agents of Specialty Homeland of Viet Nam JSC  are responsible for receiving reports and complaints from customers.
– Submit written response to the grievance within 03 days of receiving the complaint (to complain in writing, email, telephone …) or send the customer a copy of the complaint received votes certified by Customer Service manager for complaints directly at the place of transaction.

Step 2: Verification and solution

– After receiving feedback and complaints from customers, the adoption agency will actively examine and resolve within the functions and exercise their powers.
– The complaint is not belong to the jurisdiction of the receiving department will be moving to higher level coordination to solve (no more than ½ days after receipt).

Step 3: Units and Individuals authorized to consider and resolve

– Units and individuals under their jurisdiction as prescribed by Specialty Homeland of Viet Nam JSC  will check and verify the customer’s  complaint information to make final conclusions

Step 4: Answer customer:

– When the test get results and verification, Specialty Homeland of Viet Nam JSC  will respond customers in a variety of forms: phone calls, meeting directly, sending a replying text, sending email …… according to original complaint form.
– If customers do not agree with the settlement results: During the next 7 days functional department responsible for checking the information from the first complaint and respond to customers.

Step 5: Finish complaints

– Saving the file and ending complaints


– The time limit for settling first-time complaints shall not exceed 10 days, 2 times maximum of 7 working days (excluding weekends and holidays) after receipt of the request of the customer complaints.

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