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Purely Vietnamese Ebony Chopsticks

Bringing luxury for your family’s meals

Dear Reader, I believe that you have found the right website that you will own great and classy Purely Vietnamese Ebony Chopsticks for your meals because of some reasons below:

Have you ever seen and touched Purely Vietnamese Ebony Chopsticks?

dua mun thuan viet

Purely Vietnamese Ebony Chopsticks will wake surprises:

Do you know many things around the chopsticks that you are using?

check 1Plastic chopsticks originated from toxic mines that are not close to your daily life.

check 1Metal chopsticks are very slippery, difficult to hold food that makes you annoy. The jingle sound when 2 chopsticks impact together. 

check 1Wooden chopsticks are often lightweight so they absorb toxin chemical such as dishwashing liquid, dirty water. They are often musty.

check 1The empty cavity of the timber is the haven for bacteria which hardly visible to visually. 

check 1They are easy bend and break because of unevenly chopsticks.

check 1You have to pay lots of money to buy new chopsticks every year to replace old chopsticks.

check 1Their chopsticks are produced and processed by dye chemical and toxin chemical.

dua ban

Bacteria picture

Don’t worry. There is a perfect solution for you:

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Are you wondering how can to choose good chopsticks?

check 1A smart person, you will choose natural wooden chopsticks without processing chemical.

check 1Material to make wooden chopsticks must be thick so there is not any shelter for bacteria and impervious.

check 1Our chopsticks are not bend, break, deformation and durable over time.

check 1Glossy surface without cover chemical.

check 1Suitable for all of dishes in Viet Nam

dua mun thuan viet 1

Purely Vietnamese Ebony Chopsticks

You won’t worry because of Purely Vietnamese Ebony Chopsticks

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Are you wondering what kind of chopsticks can provide all the above factors?

That is “Purely Vietnamese Ebony Chopsticks”

checkPurely Vietnamese Ebony Chopsticks has high durability, the color of nature ebony. They are more and more shiny black on the time. The valuable of Ebony Chopsticks are their black ebony.


Purely Vietnamese Ebony Chopsticks have used in family’s meals, using in restaurants, using for giving.


Purely Vietnamese Ebony Chopsticks are made from 100% nature ebony wooden, the process is closely monitored without cover chemical.


“Purely Vietnamese Ebony Chopsticks” is a meaning present on weddings, housewarming ceremonies, giving as present for warm and cozy family’s meals.

dua mun thuan viet 2

Purely Vietnamese Ebony Chopsticks

Something to know about Purely Vietnamese Ebony Chopsticks

Why the ebony so precious and rare?

checkEbony are cherished by collectors for its mystery, legend and rarity properties of products for a long time when the switched from blue to khaki to black ball as the horn and ebony horn so well lose. Identify key points ebony lies with the workpiece when the cauldron khaki green yellow featured, heavy wood, hard, metal type in the tinkling.


This is the characteristic species in Khanh Hoa, Viet Nam.


Wood ebony is very good quality with high mechanical strength, resistance to termites natural, very heavy wood properties and wood textures smooth, hard review, wood grain patterns with white stripes and a yellow and black blend several very nice.


Ebony is a light demanding species, grow slowly, living longer.


Due to the high value ebony so naturally growing species populations are urgently seeking, the number of individuals making very rapid decline.

Ebony is also found in the tomb of Egypt around 3000 BC.

Ebony is endemic to mountainous areas in Khanh Hoa province. Ebony almost completely extinct should hardly find wooden boxes on the market.

Purely Vietnamese Ebony Chopsticks is the great solution for you and your family:

– Bringing luxury to your family’s meals
– Safety, hygiene and to ensure health the whole family
-Buy once use forever
– Your meal more pleasant, loving family together parents
– Specially, Purely Vietnamese Ebony Chopsticks are luxury presents for your partner.

dua mun thuan viet 6

Purely Vietnamese Ebony Chopsticks

There are three main reasons that I want to introduce Purely Vietnamese Ebony Chopsticks to you:

check 1Time you own will be rare times, may close again after one time you will not find this kind of Chopsticks Mun Thuan Vietnam because natural ebony numbers are declining sharply due to massive exploitation

check 1

You buy our Purely Vietnamese Ebony Chopsticks permanently spend more beautiful ebony used by more and more value

check 1

Using Purely Vietnamese Ebony Chopsticks made you very comfortable in your diet and helps your meal even more delicious.

Hurry up to own 10 pairs of Purely Vietnamese Ebony Chopsticks

Specialty Homeland of Vietnam Purely Vietnamese Ebony Chopsticks 4


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Your meals will more delicious, your family will more pleasant.

Click to order

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