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Wood materials used in Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, Wood is typical of Carpentry. Carpentry  symbolizes spring, the East and Southeast azimuth. Compared to other acts, acts of Jupiter’s all easy to create an atmosphere of peace and harmony. In the interaction of five elements, operating Moc lessen the impact of operating and executive Kim Tho create balance for the house. Wood materials are used not only help the environment but also friendly rustic atmosphere created more cozy living space.

Since ancient times, the traditional architecture of Vietnam, wood and other material of natural origin such as thatch, bamboo, leaves, straw has been used to build homes and religious buildings such as their churches, temples, pagodas … wooden houses always bring feeling of steady, cool and relaxed … Wood is very suitable to tropical climate conditions and characteristics of the Vietnamese.

the trend of modern architectural focus on useful, construction technology and new materials combined with wood increasingly scarce, expensive wood should no longer use as much as before. However, we can not deny the value of wood in feng shui in interior design today.

Wood materials used in Feng Shui 1


Wood materials used in Feng Shui 2 Using wooden furniture will be a highlight of architecture reconcile and Feng Shui. If metal materials appear to modern, powerful and clean … the wood materials will bring intimacy, warmth. Almost indoor architectural space can use wood materials. Living room with lots of electronics such as televisions, stereos … needed the sofa, TV shelves, wooden shelves to reduce the chill. Dining room use wood furniture to create a warmer atmosphere. Wood bed bring feeling of warm and relaxing space …. Especially for such office space, study,  the material of Carpentry  will contribute stimulate creative thinking. Bookcase, desk in a room should be used with wood, parquet floors up to soundproof and create warmth.

Wood furniture has many advantages such as luxury, cool in the summer, warm in the winter. And in Feng Shui, wood  furniture typical carpentry practice. Rustic operating symbolizes spring, the East and Southeast azimuth. Compared to other operating, carpentry all human acts, easy to create an atmosphere of peace and harmony.

However, the excessive use of wood materials can deplete the forest resources and fire prone. Feng Shui advised to use the material for the area Carpentry contact with people everyday and domestic nature. And these materials make up the basic framework for the house and exposed to the external environment we can replace them with other materials such as concrete, glass, metal.

Besides the use of wooden furniture, there are many exciting hobbies of art furniture such as wooden vase, three multi-object, god of wealth, thiềm thừ or objects such luminaries as Zhuge Liang, Guan Gong, Chen Hung … wooden religion. For those with missing practice, the use of Jupiter as useful objects. Depending on the selected object placement accordingly: wood vase placed in the living room or altar, thiềm thừ put on deposit box or placed on a desk, celebrity statues placed at the bow Northwest (provision’s You) …

Wood materials used in Feng Shui 3

One of the disadvantages of wooden furniture materials if not handled well, after a while things will be bent, buckled, termites, especially in places with high humidity, the works near rivers and lakes. Feng shui concept “public figure this gas.” So if there are termite nest or furniture, door or truss columns signaling equipment termites habitat is degraded, feng shui known as negative thinking. Yin yang failure can not cover up the performance all down. Morphogenesis, this situation or lead to the problems related to the financial and health in the home. It’s neccessary to find ways to kill termites and repair and replacement of damaged appliances.

We can say, using more furniture for living spaces create anonymous Carpentry has many advantages by the elegance and unique sense by color, material, decorative objects bring. Living in space Jupiter, people seem more easy to cover his heart, easy to find the peace of mind, emptied all tired, upset, stress of a busy day with the hustle, and worries. However, the use of too many acts of Jupiter led to the absence of other practices in the home. Feng shui advises that we should coordinate harmoniously. Homeowners need to understand the principles of harmony in the Five Elements, how to cooperate, the interaction between Jupiter and the other operating in the overall relationship.

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